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Microsoft Edge Tips and Trick

Microsoft Edge is new browser for Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is a powerful web browser which comes with many new amazing features.

Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft has added many keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Edge for its power users. If you are used to old internet explorer shortcuts, it works with Microsoft Edge. But there are quite a few new shortcuts are introduced by Microsoft for new features. Here is the list of Microsoft Edge Shortcuts

F3 – Find on page

F4 – Jump to address bar

F5 – Refresh

F6 – View list of Top Sites

F7 – Turns on or off Caret Browsing (Places a curson in webpages taht you can use to select text with your keyboard)

F12 – Open developer tools

Ctrl + Click on link – Opens link in new tab

Ctrl + number – Jump to cooresponding tab (Ctrl + 1 jumps to tab in first position)

Ctrl + Tab – Switches foreward between tabs

Ctrl + Shift + Tab – Switches backwards between tabs

Ctrl + W – Close tab

Ctrl + R – Reload

Ctrl + T – New Tab

Ctrl + I – Open Favorites

Ctrl + P – Print

Ctrl + A – Select All

Ctrl + D – Add current site as a favorite

Ctrl + F – Find on page

Ctrl + G – Open reading list

Ctrl + H – Open browsing history

Ctrl + J – Open active download list

Ctrl + K – Duplicate tab and jump to it

Ctrl + L – Jump to address bar

Ctrl + N – Open new window

Ctrl + Shift + B – Opens the favorites bar

Ctrl + Shift + R – Open page in reading mode

Ctrl + Shift + T – Open previously closed tab

Ctrl + Shift + P – Open new browser in private mode

Ctrl + Shift + N – Break out current tab into a new window

Ctrl + Shift + K – Just Duplicate tab in the background

Ctrl + Shift + L – Jump to the URL on your clipboard (URL you copied from anywhere)

Alt + J – Open feedback and reporting

Backspace – Go back a page

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