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ZyXEL Windows 10 Drivers

ZyXEL Windows 10 Compatible Products:

Following ZyXEL products are tested and fully compatible with Windows 10 operating system. All new models/products of ZyXEL will now offer full support for Windows 10 OS.

Product Model
Home Routers Armor and NBG Series
Wireless LAN WRE and NWD6505 , NWD6605,WAP Series
Powerline and Coax Adapters PLA Series
Desktop Switches GS and ES Series
Network Storage and Players NAS and NSA Series
VoIP Gateways P-270 Series
Switches XGS, XS, GS and ES Series
WLAN APs and Controllers WAC, NWA and NXC Series
Gateway SBG Series
Network Management software and WLAN software ZON Utility , ZAC and ZWO
DSL CPEs VMG, AMG, VSG, P-660 Series
LTE and 3G CPEs LTE and WAH Series
MSANs / DSLAMs IES and VES Series
Fiber Access OLT, PMG, FMG and ONU Series
Carrier and Access Switches MES, MGS and XGS Series
Ethernet CPEs EMG Series
Ethernet over Coax PLA Series

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