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dashost.exe What is it?

dasHost.exe file is a Windows system file. dasHost.exe is most likely installed on your Windows machine when you purchased it. The Windows software dashost stands for Device Association Framework Provider Host. This file is safe and is not virus or spyware related.

As dashost.exe is an exe file be sure to always double check spelling of file name if you are concerned about spyware. Spyware often use a very similiar spelling of system processes or other common tasks.

Here we are giving correct file name and folfer location to verify it.


dasHost.exe FAQs

My CPU is running at 70% largely due to dashost.exe. Its slowing my PC what to do?

The “dashost.exe” is a process which automatically checks e-mail inbox and displays a notification if you get a new e-mail. It works only if you have synchronized your mail account to mail app. So it is safe to kill the process.

One thought to “dashost.exe What is it?”

  1. Why are there 2 running one the cpu and memory are not high one says network service and one says local service

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