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How to view the AppData folder in Windows 10

How to open %appdata% on windows 10?

How to access the AppData folder and copy files from it?

Where is appdata located?

These are common questions our readers are asking about. The AppData folder on Windows machine contains data created by programs. Almost every program you install on your Windows machine creates its own folder in AppData and stores information there.

Windows hides the AppData folder by default that is why you couldn’t see the AppData folder.

Lets check how to unhide AppData folder.

  1. Go to windows Explorer.
  2. Open the C: driver (Browse to your main drive where Windows resides).
  3. Go to the folder C:\Users.
  4. Dig deeper into the folder with your username e.g. Bill, Satya, Steve etc..
  5. Now on View tab at the very top and tick the option ‘Hidden Items’.

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