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0xc00007b Windows 10 Error

Did you get this error message on your screen: “The application was unable to start correctly” its probably occurs when you are trying to run a game or program and this could be issue of third party conflict.

Reason of Error 0xc00007b in Windows

Typically this error appears when 64 bit application runs on 32 bit version of Windows or vice-versa.

How to fix 0xc00007b Windows 10 Error?

Here we are giving you some very easy solutions to handle 0xc00007b error on Windows 10.

Restart your Windows machine

This is the first thing which you should try. Sounds strange but most of electronic device and computer computer issues resolves automatically after restarting the device.

Reinstall the App or Game

Uninstall the current setup of your app or game and reinstall it the program. Its very simple but very effective in many cases.

how to fix 0xc00007b error windows 10/8/7 [Video]

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